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Tokens of Remembrance in the New Year

Creativity whether it be in song lyrics, poetry, painting or novel writing should be an effortless description of the beautiful requiems of our life, for the seasons change and we grow older; but our passions poured out in such a way, last forever.  I use the word requiem for it means a “token of remembrance”…

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Sharing My Heart

For many years someone very dear to me has travelled a lonely road full of hurt and self-degradation and has been entrapped in a downward spiral of addiction which has rendered him homeless and mentally impaired. In Britain alone, according to Crisis, a UK national charity for the homeless people, there were in 2015, 3569…

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Truth Seekers

Truth sends an arrow deep into the hearts of most of us, when we actually see it and acknowledge it for what it truly is.  In fact, I was struck by this simple realization at a recent author event, when I saw how deeply the audience identified with the plight of the Lakota Sioux Indians…

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