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Remembering Bald Mountain

In looking back at my childhood, I remember looking out from my window at the natural beauty of the lush, green Honey Lake Valley, which was overlooked by the high peaks of the Sierra Mountains in Northern California.  But my older brother Kip and I, had our own mountain, which held a special place for…

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Aspiring to Greatness in Novel Writing

The motivation for writers cannot be commercial or the heart of what he or she wants to convey will not be worth the paper it is written on.  For make no mistake, readers can detect heartfelt writing from mercenary writing; and anyway I am a firm believer that readers must feel like they are within…

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Little Ace

I can remember growing up in the Sierra Mountains and looking up at the majestic peaks of Shasta Mountain and breathing in the cool, clean air of the Northern California sunshine and thinking “Life is good” as a child.  For my parents were horse ranchers and spared no expense in acquiring the best horses they…

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