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Tragedy Strikes and Hearts Rally!

I knew it would happen, I had done too much investigative reporting to think any other way.  But when the day finally happened and Westminster was under siege, I wept for the needless loss and injury of such endearing people, like mothers and dads and policeman and tourists and little school children.  I myself, had…

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A Famous Rejection Letter

Hello All, I recently happened upon this letter that made me laugh and also helped me to realise that even famous authors like J.K. Rowling went through trials and tribulations, when she was trying to get Harry Potter published; but do you know what?  She just didn’t quit until it finally happened for her and…

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Vision Quest

The illumination formed in our minds due to the desire to understand, often opens new doors of discovery which if embraced, can grow from a little grain of truth into a raging river of enlightenment, as more and more details of discoveries unfold.  Many of us are bogged down by responsibilities and the burdens of…

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