An Intrepid Way of Life!

To be Intrepid means to be “resolutely fearless” in the face of adversity.  I have always endeavoured to be intrepid during the many battles of my life.  For I have learned a thing or two in the last half a century that I have been on this earth; and that is that life will deliver you blow after blow, if you take upon your shoulders the victim mentality and stay in that dark place of defeat.  Now I am not saying that I have always been “resolutely fearless” in all circumstances, for I am human with all of the frailties that goes along with such an admission.  But I have found that having a warrior attitude and finding solutions rather than problems can indeed ensure a much happier life with fewer internal struggles.  Let’s face it, we will always have some sort of battle that will hinder us at most points in our life.  But a good book I like to read says: “Why not be the head and not the tail.”  For although we cannot control whatever adversity that comes our way, we can control how we react to such adversity and remain Intrepid or “resolutely fearless” until either victory or compromise is reached and peace in our life is restored.

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