Cave Dwellers Arise Prophecy

‘Time is passing,’ says the Lord, ‘take your positions and hear the chariots of heaven; as they move to substantiate your authority, as My Children.’ ‘Know this, that the wounds inflicted upon My People, are gaping with the impurities introduced by the compromises of My People.’  ‘But I long to bind those wounds.’ says he Lord, ‘as My People release Love instead of Pride, and Wisdom instead of Wrath/’  ‘I am a God of Peace and there will be a day, where the Lion lies down with the Lamb; and all doors of famine and war are shut forever.’  ‘Let not your hearts be troubled,’ says the Lord, ‘’for I am causing a great knitting together of hearts amongst the forgotten warriors.’  ‘For surely they are a strange congregation of roughly hewn stones.’ says the Lord. ‘But these stones shall learn to fit their jagged pieces together, until a mountain of My Great Power is built,’ says the Lord.  ‘I shall laugh at the enemy’s attempts to divide My People,’ says God, ‘for they shall not be moved by the cyclonic winds of destruction which exist from the demonic realms.’  ‘Be wise, My People, and set your eyes upon the horizon.’  ‘For surely I am releasing a great stirring of My Spirit and I will not allow self-promotion or private agendas to come against the move of My Sovereign Hand.’  ‘Be thou encouraged, My Children, for I am doing a great raising up of the cave dwellers, who have hidden themselves away from hurt and pain.’  ‘And they shall arise from their past trials even stronger, and have the purest of hearts, in reaching out to My Lost Children,’ says the Lord of Hosts, ‘for the hour is short and the day is near at hand; for the great harvest of souls upon the Earth.’

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