Fearless Under Fire Part 3

“Dad, if Manny is anything to go by, then we have to do something for as many vulnerable mustangs as we can, cos’ those poachers will kill them all off with their helicopters and high pay offs from the dog food factories,” Maizie said passionately.  They had all been sitting and listening to the crickets on the porch outside Bill’s rickety old house and the peace and tranquillity of the summer evening seemed at odds with Maizie’s troubled thoughts.  Pam had been listening intently to the conversation between her niece and her Dad and smiled at the determination she heard in Maizie’s voice.  “But Maizie, we can’t save every single horse in the wild, I mean we are not rich you know,” Bill said practically.  Pam looked at Maizie’s earnest face and decided to lend her support, as she said: “Well Bill, I reckon, our Maizie would get a lot of support on this one; because being an animal rights activist has become quite the thing.”

In the two months Pam had come to live with her brother, she had learned when to but out; and when she was welcome to put her two cents worth into a conversation; and the look Bill gave her epitomised his exasperation at the two women facing him down.  Maizie sat c ross-legged on the porch, her long hair tumbling down her shoulders and Bill and Pam had been sitting on the porch swing enjoying a cup of coffee after a long day at work.  Bill on his farm and Pam at a part time job at the general store, which she attended two afternoons a week; whilst her mother, Mildred, a spry lady in her sixties took care of her two girls.

Pam had begun to hope again after leaving her wife beating husband and coming to live with Maizie and Bill and looked forward to the lively talks she had with Maizie about God.  Maizie had explained “That if she focussed on God that she would feel much better about things in the future” and how “if she prayed over her situation,” that Pam could expect breakthrough in her life, which she sorely needed.  For in spite of the assurance Pam had, that she had made the right decision in leaving her husband, Jimmy, she still missed him desperately, which she just couldn’t understand.  Perhaps helping Maizie “Save the mustangs” was just what she needed to fill the gap, she thought and she said brightly: “Bill, getting support for those mustangs is not going to cost you a penny, you just wait and see.”  “Maizie and I are going to contact the animal rights organisation in our area and she and I will make this our project together, that is Maizie if you are keen?”  Maizie squealed excitedly and jumped up to hug her aunt and Bill raised both his hands in defeat and shook his head smiling at their enthusiasm.  “Who am I to stop two women on a mission?” he said comically.  “I feel sorry for those poachers once you two get through with them, it may be that all of the dogs in the immediate area will have to turn into vegetarians,” Bill joked.  Both Maizie and Pam howled with laughter at his joke and they were so loud, that one of Pam’s daughters Cindy, came outside in her nightie and said in a small but authoritative voice: “Will you grownups pipe down, some of us are trying to sleep in this house>” This made the trio laugh even harder, as tears streamed down their eyes and Pam wiped hers with the tail of her shirt and rose to put the little girl back to bed.  Bill beamed at Maizie and declared: “Well, I will say one thing for you Maizie girl; you are a go-getter and that’s a fact.”  “Dad, I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus and these are God’s creatures, so I reckon we will be alright,” Maizie replied.  “Yes, you will Maizie girl, you and that God of yours make a good team,” Bill said sincerely.

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