Fearless Under Fire Part 4

The men in the secret Illuminati society wore white priest-like cloaks and sat in a semi-circle with a large red candle burning brightly in the middle of their gathering.  “Oh, high one, I have the horse heads and entrails you requested for the ritual,” “I am keeping them frozen in several freezers at my house, until the ritual festivities,” Samuel, the green-eyed illuminati said to his leader.  The dark hollow-eyed, older man named Elias, looked at his younger follower and said: “How were you able to get the heads so quickly, young Samuel, for horses are not easy to come by for our sacrificial rituals; and you had no cash readily available to purchase them for our purposes?”  “I thought it best to kill six mustangs roaming free on Nevada desert lands, for no one owns these animals and so it would be no great loss to anyone,” Samuel said practically.  One of his comrades, Steven, sat up straight and cursed under his breath and said with as much composure as he could muster: “Samuel have you lost your mind?”  “Those animals are under government protection and to kill them is a federal crime and you could get 25 years to life for killing those scrawny ponies, you fool,” he added.  “Silence,” Elias commanded, “it matters not, how Samuel obtained the horse heads, for the dark lords of the underworld will keep his actions hidden from the authorities, I can assure you.”  “Now let us speak of more important matters; because the hour of the holy festivities draws near,” Elias said, authoritatively.

Professor Harry Chambers, an avid human rights advocate, had just read the newspaper article with a heading which said; “Mustang Murders in the Nevada Desert” and was horrified.  The article had gone on to say: “It was highly likely the mustangs were shot and killed; and although rare in the area, that other wild horses had been shot and killed and left on the side of the road in much the same manner before.”  “Also, it said, the heads were either removed by trophy hunters or for use in local rituals.”  It further said: “It is possible someone discovered the carcasses and removed the skulls much later and cleaned them to use as relics; but that the heads were not missing because of scavengers.” The article concluded: ‘That due to the vastness and remoteness of the area, it was close to impossible to find any witnesses and that investigators often had to rely on hearsay, such as “someone bragging” about the kill, to apprehend the culprits.’  Harry was also a committed Christian and was aware that there were more and more occult groups springing up in the Nevada and Northern California regions. He knew these occult groups had ritualistic requirements which resulted in an inordinate loss of life in the animal kingdom and it sickened him immensely; and so Harry decided that he would need to make an example of whoever did this to those poor animals, and that whatever it took that he would bring them to justice.

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