Fearless Under Fire Part 5

“Dad where are you, I called your office in hopes of finding you and your secretary said ‘You had gone home.”  Are you OK?”  Steven asked.  “I am in the library son, come on in,” Harry called.  Steven walked into the library following his father’s voice and found him on a step ladder looking at his book collection and said: “Dad, this undercover spying on the Illuminati is getting somewhere; but I am starting to get uptight about being around those fruitcakes; because they are now starting to do some illegal stuff that does not sit well with me.”  Harry slowly climbed down from the step ladder and gave a low whistle; “Well, I appreciate you infiltrating the group to find out what they are up to; but you went without my blessing Steven, and now I think it might be dangerous for you to just stop being a part, without some explanation,” Harry said. “Yeah, I reckon you might be right Dad, I guess I will have to create some cock and bull story to get them off my back,” Steven replied.   Harry looked at his sandy haired son with his beach boy appearance and in spite of their differences in their dress attire, he felt that he and his son were very alike in many ways.  “Steven, I know you are about as radical as I am about getting these occult groups out of the area, and you have shown great courage and faith in God by going into that group and pretending to be one of them; but I can’t caution you enough about being careful, because these occult groups are guided by dark forces that only prayer and the Word of God can protect us from,” Harry explained.

“Dad, you are not wrong there, I have seen that Illuminati crew do a lot of weird things, and so I am really glad we have God to protect us; but to be honest you need the evidence I can gather in order to get these guys stopped and put behind bars; because they are killing mustangs and mutilating all manner of animals for their sacrificial ceremonies and now they are talking about capturing innocent women and children for their high ceremony coming up, and we can’t let that happen,” Steven said passionately.  Harry looked concerned as he gazed contemplatively over his spectacles and scratched his partially bald head.  “Yes, I had a visit today from a young teenager named Maizie and her aunt and both those females have alerted every animal rights group, west of the Mississippi; about the mustang killings and I reckon that sort of thing might just put a damper on us actually getting the Illuminati to justice, because they will just go underground.”  “All the more reason for me to continue to pretend to be part of their group Dad, at least for a little while longer,” Steven said.  “I mean what else do I have to do?”  “And my university course doesn’t start back until September, so I have at least two months that I can be helping you expose those creeps, which should be ample time, “Steven said convincingly.   Harry groaned and looking beaten as he responded: “You know, your mother would be rolling in her grave, if she knew what danger I was putting you into Steven; but I guess we have no other option, but to continue this ruse, until we get enough evidence to take to the police.”  Harry walked across the small library and squeezed Steven’s shoulder and said: “I am proud of you son; but let’s keep up our daily prayer sessions for God’s protection and you make sure and remember the scripture in: 2 Corinthians 10:4 “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”  Steven who had seen God’s mighty power on many occasions through things in his own life, looked at his Dad affectionately and said: “Thanks Dad, I won’t let you down.” Smiling back, Harry slapped his son on the back and replied: “Let’s go have some lunch Steven; because even cult busters need some sustenance,” and off they went arm in arm.

  1. xxx on August 3, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    I couldn’t rеfrain from commenting. Very well written!

    • Leisa Ebere on August 15, 2017 at 10:26 am

      Wonderful words, thanks for the kind compliment. All the best, Leisa xxx

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