Fearless Under Fire Part 6

Maizie sighed heavily, even though her aunt and her father tried to ignore her; and then she decided on another tact and said: “But surely both of you want those mustang killers to be caught just as badly as I do, don’t you?” “I mean going out with Manny to find some clues close to the place they found those beheaded mustangs, sounds like about the best idea I can come up with, so that we can catch those criminals.”  “Look Maizie, I know you want to help those mustangs out and to apprehend those lily-livered cult monsters; but it is just not safe,” Bill said, nearly at the end of his tether.  “I mean if they wouldn’t hesitate to behead that many mustangs, what makes you think they wouldn’t try to do something to you?” he added morosely.  “Now Bill, you don’t have to go and scare the child,” his younger sister, Pam said, “I mean she is only trying to help in the best way she knows how.”  Feeling frustrated, Bill retorted; “Fine, you women folk just go lollygagging up that direction; but if either one of you gets into trouble, I will not be a happy man; because I will be the one that has to come after you,” he emphasized.  Maizie ran up to her father and give him a big hug and said: “Thanks Dad, you are the best,” and kissed Bill on the cheek.  “Hold up young lady, you can only go if your Aunt Pam agrees to escort you,” he bellowed.  Then he looked mischievously at his sister and said: “Well Pam, what’s it gonna be?”

“Well of course I will go with her, you big lummox; I made a promise to help her find justice for those mustangs and I intend to keep it, “Pam said dramatically.  “Okay, Okay, a man knows when he is beaten.” Bill said, half smiling, “but Pam keep your cell phone on, so I can call and check on you ladies alright?”  Pam gave a mock salute that made Maizie giggle and said: “Aye, Aye Skipper, do you have any more orders before we go?”  “Women,” Bill said, shaking his head and walking out the door, he mumbled “just mind what I say you two, I want you both beck safe and sound by nightfall.”  Pam called after him and said:  “It wouldn’t hurt you to have a little faith in God like your daughter has Bill, trust me, it would do you a world of good.”

The Illuminati leader, Elias, had met with his followers the night before and was pleased to see how quickly his secret society had grown.  His eagle eyes scanned the group and he stared intently at Steven and wondered how loyal he was.  The young man said all the right things; but the leader sensed he was not as committed as the others, and so he knew he would have to put him to the test, and if he failed, then dire consequences would have to follow; because he just knew too much.  “Steven, Samuel, come here… I have a task for you both and I will not tolerate failure, do you hear me; for I am not only testing your courage, but your loyalty to our sect, do you understand?”  Samuel gave his leader a stoic look and nodded carefully only wanting to please his master; but Steven did not so readily agree and asked;  “What would be the nature of this task, Oh Great One, for I will not be doing any killing just to prove I am loyal to this group, I mean I am a law abiding citizen,”  Elias blinked a few times trying to hide his annoyance and replied sharply:  “No, I would not want to test your mettle in that way; but even so, you must prove your obedience and I require five live creatures for sacrifice before 12 midnight tonight, or the consequences will be great for both of you, believe me; now get going,” and he shoved both of the young men out of the door.





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