Jump in, the Water is Fine!

Points of View can be as varied and misshapen as sea shells strewn across a sandy, well-worn beach. For most peoples’ attitudes and impressions about life are shaped over time and may indeed change into something entirely different if they experience a heart changing life event.  Never let it be said that the course of our human history cannot be changed, for most of us are performing well below our potential and do not pursue dreams; because we choose to live in self-fulfilling prophecies of fear, doubt and low self-esteem.  Strive to thrive for destiny awaits…and become adamant that everyone (and I mean everyone) has the potential for greatness.  Yet, we oftentimes fling such dreams far away from ourselves and choose to hide behind excuses such as low socio-economic backgrounds, or ethnic differences or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But I would encourage you to stick your toe into the water and then just dive in; because no one can jump start your passion but you.  Be brave, be courageous and remember you are not alone, there is a great big God up there who loves you very much and will help you connect with your passion, your talent, and your gifting and help you to bring about something beautiful in your life.

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