Escape from Powder Country

This story is very special to me, as it is the 2nd novel of my Crows and Angels’ series, and tells the story of a remarkable man, named Henry Whipple, who was an actual historical figure, who lived in the 1800s, during the American Indian Wars. However, I have built other characters into this story, that are equally fascinating like, Chief Red Cloud and his daughter, Warbonnet, and Colonel Hank Carrington and his daughter Cassie, and of course the most colourful characters of all, Kit Carson and Jim Bridger. Henry was sent by President James Polk, as an Indian emissary, to try to make peace with the Plains Indians and falls deeply in love with Red Cloud’s daughter, Warbonnet, and against all odds begins a tragic love affair with her, when he is stranded in Indian Territory. But Red Cloud, the High Chief of the Sioux Nation is intent on driving all white men out of his sacred lands. Colonel Hank Carrington becomes aware that his command is increasingly fighting a losing battle; and in a desperate attempt to save his daughter, he forces Cassie to leave Fort Laramie accompanied by Kit Carson and Jim Bridger. Cassie is deeply attracted to Kit, in spite of herself, and the romantic ties between the two, builds day by day. I have also included in the story, a 140-mile cave (which actually exists in the North-western United States) of which all of the characters end up; and is revered as the “Living, Breathing Caves.” This cave is believed by the Plains Indians to be the entrance to their mystical underworld, where creation actually began. The characters are then chased by Cheyenne dog soldiers, who are out for Jim Bridger’s blood, and are aided by supernatural creatures, who live within the caves, who help the three men and two women survive.   This eBook can be purchased on Amazon, Smashwords and multiple eBook vendors in 37 countries.

Leisa's first book Crows and Angels can be purchased in paperback and eBook versions at WHSmith, Waterstones, Amazon (UK & US) and independent book stores worldwide.  Her third book 'Fighting Fit for the Latter Days,'- can also be ordered on Amazon UK & US, Smashwords and through eBook vendors in 37 countries worldwide.

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