UK Circuit Prophecies

Hello All,

Please find the Six Circuit Messages God gave me through His visitations to me both in the daytime and at night in the last month.  I can say that our Lord reflected so much light, presence, and authority when He was giving me these intense messages, that it was all I could do to stay focussed and listen to what He was telling me. Truly the glory of the Lord is an awesome thing to behold. I believe, however, with every fiber of my being, that after receiving these messages that as God’s prophets gather in humility and repentance, and work together in unity to defeat the wickedness that now abounds throughout the earth, that we will see a Mighty Move of God’s Spirit that will sweep the nations worldwide and this move will bring about a massive end time harvest into the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah! Please find the link of all the prophetic messages on Richards Watch. you, Leisa Ebere xxx

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